This is a list of all the items we can buy or craft ourselves. For more info about the crafting system, see the Tinker page.

The standard currency is the fathom, the unit of currency created by the Tenebrous Church. Used throughout human territory and generally accepted by other races. Comes in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000. They are retangular with a lip around the edge. The lip is grooved such that the coins can interlock and stack front to back quite securely. The larger denominations are larger in size than the smaller ones and each denomination has a different engraving on the front and back.

Melee WeaponsEdit

Melee weapons use the Strength stat. 

Name Description Attributes Cost Cost of Ammunition Crafting recipe
Black Flame A silver chain with a piece of anodized black steel in the shape of a flame on the end. The Flame has a sort of “U” shape to the design, with with two unevenly sized peaks. The back edge of the large peak has been honed to a sharp edge, allowing the symbol to serve as a utility knife. Cutting 3 3
Empyrean Nail An anodized black steel, non-reflective, fixed blade knife. Double edged, symmetrical, and supremely utilitarian in design. Useful for doing everything from cutting rope to cutting throats. Manufactured by the Tenebrous Church and engraved  with a black flame.  Cut, Pierce 3 15
Bladed Shovel One of the oldest and most widespread melee weapons/tools; a shovel with a relatively short handle and a spade shaped blade that has been honed to razor sharpness. Used to dig into soil or faces, as the need arises. Cut 3 10
Short Sword Customary sidearm of many soldiers in tunnel combat. Short enough that it can be swung and thrust without clumsily striking walls. Has a sabre-like handguard and a sharp point on the pommel Cutting 3, Pierce 2 20
Hooked Cleaver A three foot, single bladed sword, the tip of which is curved to form a pointed hook. Often employed by hunters of animals and men, to catch flesh and prevent escape. Cutting 3 25
Tungsten Toothpick A rock splitting device modified to work as a melee weapon.  Resembles a short, fat spear. The outer body contains a long tungsten spike that is fired by an explosive cartridge, propelling it forward with staggering force. Often used against armored infantry and machinery. Do not use to clean your teeth. Pierce 5 60 3 for 10 shots

Ranged weaponsEdit

Ranged weapons such as guns use the Dexterity stat. They come with 1 full magazine of ammo.

Name Description Attributes Cost of Weapon Cost of Ammunition Crafting recipe
TNT Much beloved weapon, excavation tool, and accidental suicide device. Here packaged in wax paper as a fist sized cube with a long fuse. The bottom layer of the paper can be torn off to expose a contact glue, letting the charge be stuck to things. Explosive 4 3
Explosives[1] Explosives (other than TNT) of various strengths. Requires chemical lab to produce. 1 structural, chemical junk (more junk => more powerful)
Smoke bomb Smoke, in a bomb! 5
Flashbang Flash, with a bang! 10
“Lucky Shot” revolver Famous seven shot revolver manufactured by the “Lucky Shot” company. Well made and reliable, they were ubiquitous until the company owner was killed by a ricochet at a firing demonstration. Gained a reputation for being cursed, particularly the seventh shot.  Etched on the cylinder, above one of the chambers, is the phrase “And one more, for luck!” Pistol 3 40 2 per 7
Ethral Rifle Semi-automatic rifle of Ethralian make. Has stock made of pumice coated in dark red resin along with a distinctive spiral etched barrel. Surprisingly light and elegant, befitting its makers. Rifle 3 40 3 per 7

(Pierce 3)

Tunnel Clearer A pump action riot gun commonly used by soldiers for clearing enclosed spaces. Fires a variety of rounds, usually frangible shotshells to prevent a round from finding its way back into the face of the shooter on ricochet. Good for those with poor aim. Shotgun 3 45 3 per 5 std (Pierce 3)
Glass Eye Rifle A bolt action rifle of human make, very heavy thanks to its solid metal design. Has a rather oversized scope made with carefully ground glass lenses. The lenses magnify the user’s eye so that those looking at a shooter will see the rifle with a huge eyeball hovering above it. Both it and its ammo are rare: there aren’t a lot of long range engagements in the underground. Sniper 3 60 5 per 4

(Pierce 4)

Bore Piercer A rifle of absurd size, barely man portable, with built in metal spikes for anchoring. Fires a single solid tungsten shell designed to pierce the heavy armor of Bores and warmachines. Effectively a specialized, portable cannon with all the kick of one. Don’t use it while standing, unless you enjoy dislocated shoulders and broken collarbones. Rifle 5 100 3 per 1

(Pierce 5)

Flame/Chemical thrower


A weapon for throwing chemicals, some of which may be on fire. See own page for special ammunition options and their crafting recipes.  1 chemical junk for flamethrower ammo Igniter, tank, 1 mechanical, 3 structural
1/2/3 barrel shotgun or break action rifle[1] Barrel/pipe (1/2/3),  1 structural,  Firing mechanism (or 3 mechanical)
Crude pistol[1] Barrel/pipe, 1 mechanical
Machine gun [3] A machine gun like the browning M2. Big, simple, robust. Large Barrel/long pipe, automatic  loading system, 2 mechanical, 4 structural
A submachine gun[3] A submachine gun like the Sten. Barrel/pipe, 2 mechanical, automatic loading system
Suppressor[3] 2 structural
Scope[3] 1 structural, 1 mechanical, set of lenses

Armor and ClothingEdit

Name Description Attributes Cost Crafting recipe
Clothing A set of clothing. Whatever the buyer likes, within reason. Offers no real protection, except perhaps for your modesty. 5
Mail Shirt A long sleeve shirt of steel mail. Often worn by soldiers, duelists, and technicians working on furnaces built by the lowest bidder. Protect 3 20
Rubber suit A rubber body suit, often used by cavers in wet areas to keep them dry. Offers protection against electricity, along with minor protection against many other hazards. Insulate 3 25
Soldier’s Chestplate The large, solid metal chestplate commonly worn by human soldiers. Covers from the neck to the navel but is notoriously restrictive of movement. Protect 4 30
Breath suit A sealed suit and metal diving helmet, complete with pressurized air tank. Allows user to move about underwater as they would on land, without having to worry about holding their breath.  Also useful in areas filled with toxic gas.  40
Full Plate Armor An archaic but still effective suit of armor, often worn by the Honored Dead. Protect 4 60

Caving EquipmentEdit

Name Description Attributes Cost Crafting recipe
Path Markers An oblong glass lump with a hollow inside filled with a mix of chemicals. When shaken it will begin glowing and will continue to glow for several hours. The markers are thick enough to be able to be dropped a good distance without breaking. If they do break from a drop, there’s a good chance your legs will as well. Bag of 10.  1
Field Lighter A cylindrical, brass lighter with built in spark wheel. Uses standard oil and has a waterproof cap to protect the wick. Fire 2 3
Silk Rope Silvery silk rope produced by the Ethral. Almost unbreakable by pulling but easy to cut, it is a bit too smooth and slippery for some cavers, who still swear by human hair ropes. 5 per 100 feet

Dynamo Lantern

An electric arc lantern powered by a rechargeable, crank driven power cell. Popular with pilgrims and tunnel carvers alike. Useful for those who like to see.

Light 3 10
Grappling Hook A four pronged grappling hook. Sturdy and useful, mildly dangerous if thrown straight up. 10
Pickaxe A standard pickaxe, commonly used by tunnel carvers and explorers. Not designed to be used as a weapon, but could be used as one in a pinch.  Pierce 3 15

Drugs and MedicalEdit

Name Description Attributes Cost Crafting recipe
Cave Spider Venom Yellowish, sulfur smelling liquid that can both numb and paralyze. Small doses are used directly in wounds to numb them and larger doses are used to cause local paralysis.  Do not ingest. 3
Worm Blood Blood from the giant tunnel digging worms found in the underground. Thick greenish fluid with a consistency similar to syrup. A powerful intoxicant, often used by Tunnel carvers to relax and Divers to steady their nerves. Too much can be a powerful hallucinogenic. It might help a shooter as a side effect.[4] 3

Silent Night

A thick, inky black drug made from Half Moon mushrooms. Has a powerful calming effect, allowing the user to perform Diving actions with an advantage regardless of the situation for a short time after ingestion. Easy to overdose on, highly addictive, and debilitating to be on withdrawal from. Still highly popular with certain members of the Church. Only helps with diving.[4] 5
Doctor's Bag A leather bag with a locking clasp. Contains all sorts of useful implements for mending and minimizing the various manglings commonly incurred underground. Heal 3 25
Zeolite powder Useful for staunching wounds. Kept in single-use bags. 3 per bag
Tranquilizer, injectible[5] Injectible tranquilizer medicine. Useful for treating traumatic physical or emotional shock, especially useful for kidnapping. 3 per dose
Anesthetic, injectible[5] Injectible local anesthetic. All the benefits of spider venom without the paralysis. May or may not be worth it. 6 per dose
Stimulant, injectible[5] Injectible physical stimulant. High risk, high reward. Hulk out or stroke out. 20 per dose
Combat stims


Delicious performance enhancing drugs. See own page for details. Depends on stim.
Hallucinogenic drugs[2] For when you wanna add imaginary spiders crawling in your skin next to the real ones. 1 chemical junk, 1 of any oddly colored mold or mushroom


Name Description Attributes Cost
Structural Junk Junk that is used for holding things together or forming the structure for things. Wooden planks, Metal Casings, Stone blocks, etc. 2 per unit
Material Junk Any raw material junk that doesn’t fit in the other sections, like iron ore or packing peanuts. 2 per unit
Organic Junk Junk of an organic origin or used in organic things. Meat, Mold, Bones, Blood, Plants, etc. 3 per unit
Mechanical Junk Junk used in mechanical devices. Gears, pistons, Fans, springs, etc. 4 per unit
Chemical Junk Raw chemical junk. Bleach, Soap, Acetone, Printer ink, etc. 4 per unit
Electronic Junk Junk used in electronic devices. Batteries, Servos, Circuit boards, etc. 6 per unit
Occult Junk Junk with connections to or interactions with the divine or occult powers. Ancient Skulls, Blood spilled in anger, dead man’s hands, etc. 10 per unit


Name Description Attributes Cost Cost of Ammunition Crafting recipe
A bicycle[3] Ring ring. 2 mechanical, 3 structural
Crawler Legged transport machine 500 for basic model


Name Description Attributes Cost Crafting recipe
Bore fuel Fuel needed for traveling with the bore. 1 fuel/map square for open areas, 2 fuel/map space for closed areas that require drilling through.[6] Each unit is similar to a few gallons of gasoline.[7] 1
Slave Trap Slavery is common in the underground, usually in the form of generational debt or as punishment for crime. And slaves are prone to trying to escape, for obvious reasons.  The slave trap is a bear trap with blunted edges, designed to catch and hold without seriously harming the slave. A worker can’t work if you snip his foot off, after all. 10
Relic Fragment A piece of an artifact, found somewhere deep underground. Allows Diving and can be burnt in Stygian Shrines. 20
Mechanical limb A clockwork mechanical limb. Has to be cranked up every so often in order to function. Functions as a normal limb, though painless, stronger, and lacking any sensation. Can be modified to contain or be blended with a weapon or utility device. Usually used by those who have lost their original flesh, but occasionally chosen by those with dreams of mechanical ascension. 30

Golden Pin

An object of unknown providence. Said to, when embedded in the flesh, provide guidance.  What this means, however, is difficult to say. 35
Black Book Holy book of the Chthonic faith. Known for its black cover and pages with luminous white lettering that can be read even in total cave darkness. Contains the obtuse teachings of the Tenebrous Church. 5/copy 40/real
Walkie Talkie A radio for communicating over short distances. Range can be boosted when in range of the bore's radio. 10 fathoms for 4 radios[8]
Radio[2] A radio for communicating over long distances. Circuit board, Speaker, 2 electronic junk, 1 structural
Music instruments[2] Acoustic music instruments, such as a guitar or banjo.  2-5 structural junk
Poison gasses[1] Poisonous/hazardous gasses such as mustard gas. Needs chemical lab to produce. Chemical junk (more junk => more deadly gas)


Name Description Cost Crafting recipe
General workshop Workshop for general tinkering purposes 250
Chemical workshop Workshop for chemical wizardry 300
Weapons workshop Workshop for crafting deathtubes 400
Machine shop
Bio lab 200
Cobbler/tailor/seamstress/clothing repair, etc
Ore refinery/processing/ automated mining
Basic crew quarters 2 dozen fold down wall mounted beds and all the sheets and blankets and such as well as some universal uniforms 150
Rec room various things like a radio, a TV (which would only really work in town if you dock and connect into the local signals) board games, tables, cards, ping pong table, some instruments, etc. 300
Medical Suite A basic suite with beds and equipment necessary for work, up to advanced surgical suites with semi-automated mechanical surgical arms and fully stocked supplies of things like good pain killers, anti-venom, and curatives for various poisons, toxins, and occult afflictions. Basically, the better the sophistication, the more rolls with gain bonuses/become automatic successes.[8] 200 - thousands
Relic Vision Shrine The sanctuary is basically just an enclosed room with a burner and specially designed ventilation that keeps the artifact smoke saturated while not letting the people inside suffocate. Its about 100 fathoms standard, and goes up depending on how intricate and overblown you want it.[6] 100 minimum
Diving Vault Cheapest is just a big metal room for 100. Provides protection against the more mundane aspects of diving failure though not impenetrable.  100 minimum
Quarantine Quite a complex room with many compartments for quarentining both items and people. Back pressure, climate control, independent atmosphere systems, backup power, etc.  300
System/Brain upgrade Increasing bore stats varies in price. Brain is one of the more expensive ones due to the expertise and precision workings required. Our bore's system is quite low, though, so we can upgrade to 10 for around 150-200 per level. After that it gets more expensive.[6] 150-200 per level up to level 10
Life support upgrades Upgrade bore to deal with things like temperature, potentially poisonous gases, and leaks of various kinds more effectively
HAM Radio A good Radio, able to send and receive signals from good distance and connect to signal lines via the bore. Should get the Righteous Fury radio program in any city and any major pathway. [9] Can also work as a relay between handheld radios, increasing their range as long as they are in range of the bore. [10] 30
Amplifier You can slap on an amplifier on the HAM Radio to make it work at longer distances and better through interference.[10] 20
Man Mover Platform Basically a more advanced and stable version of the system used to enter the ruins during the first expedition.[8] 30
Small Freight Elevator 6x6 feet (1.8x1.8 metres) and capable of a 4000lbs (1800 kg)[8] 150
Large Freight Elevator Large scale freight elevator platform, 10x10 feet (3x3 metres) and 10,000lbs (4500 kg)[8] 400
Loading Dock The loading dock we're talking about here is basically a large scale airlock designed to accept various umbilicals, cargo containers, walkways, etc. It has a hydraulic locking system to hold the thing you're docking with and a big ass reinforced door.[8] 200
Trade depot
Containment Vault The is basically a big ass metal room with individual containers and drawers for holding things. The cheapest version, the one that just relies on thick metal, is 200. The more expensive versions that have built in shielding for radiation, acid, contagions, etc are more expensive but much more stable and reliable at holding in just about anything.[8] 200 minimum
Equipment Storage/Lockers A room of lockers and steamer chest style compartments.[11] 50
Smelter/Forge A small furnace that runs on bore fuel and can melt lower melting point metals, + the crucible and various sundry items. Should also be capable of being used asa forge for higher melting point metals.[12] 45
Intercom/Loudspeakers Intercom units inside the bore and Loudspeakers attached on the outside allow communication inside and outside the bore.[13] 30
Spare fuel tank Holds 50 bore fuel 40
Diving Bell
Bore Weapons See own page
Armor Bore armor works a lot like normal armor. You can choose to armor specific sections or the whole bore. It would have a rating as to how protective it is and that would come into play if anything hits it.  Cost depends on how strong it is and how much you use. 
Animal pens
Distress Beacon

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